Its Harder than you think

So ive been through this all before, i have a 4 yr old. it was hard enough with the first as you learn what to do.

so it should be easier with the second then. Well it might well have been if the 3rd hadnt come along at the same time. Now dont get me wrong i wouldnt change it. I love the 3 of them and wouldnt have it any other way. It just hard thats all.

Its non stop, the 4 year old wants to show you a magical creation shes made, twin 1 is crying and twin 2 has done a poo. Wife consoles twin 1 and trys to feed – i dont have right bits for that. I change the nappy on twin 2. 4 year old getting annoyed about the lack of interest in the creation. twin 1 has been sick. wife not best pleased. twin 2 is hungry after poo. twin 1 carries on feeding. 4 year old is hungry too. twin 2 crys. i make some food for 4 year old. twin 1 does a poo too. wife starts to change her. 4 year old gets food. she didnt want 9 bits of orange and goes off in the huff. i take over changing twin 1 and wife feeds twin 2 as shes still screaming. twin 1 is still hungry and wants fed while getting changed. twin 1 is sick on the changing station. 4 year old wants to help with nappy and is still hungry. twin 2 has wind so starts to scream again. twin 1 is moaning as she wants more food too. twin 2 is happy now but then wants to sleep. i bounce her in her chair. 4 year old wants to help but also watch c beebies. twin 2 sleeping, twin 1 feeding and 4 yearold watching tv. i make a cuppa and breath.

thats just 20 minutes of my day. but this is constant, eat sleep poo repeat.

teething is just starting too. . .