Time flys….

So i havent posted for a while.

life has not been easy dealing with the PND and Anxiety.

The Girls are growing up fast and have just turned one. Our four year old has started school and is settling in well.

you would think with one a school things would be easier at home but its not, you just realise how much of a help a playmate is.

I posted on mumsnet for some advice on the PND in dads and got seriously burned. I mean i have been diagnosed but there are some vicious mums on there didnt believe it and like to make thier thoughts known. so thats why ive been quiet on here

I have good days and bad days,  some days i cope on my own and somedays i cant cope even with help. i just have to take one day at a time.

It all stems beacuse i know my better half has the hardest job of looking after the kids and keeping house and working one day a week. so the guilt gets me the most that i cant help as im working 40hrs a week and i want to lighten her load but i cant so i feel helpless.

i know i shouldnt but i do.

one day at a time…..